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Bulletins and Local Procedures

Bulletin 1 (29th Jan 2018)


Local Procedures
Paikalliset menetelmät

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Competition frequency: 122.650 MHz (starts and finishes)
During the contest flight: 122.750 MHz

The competition classes are as follows:
Club = IGC club class
Racing = Standard & 15 m
Open = 18 m, 20 m & Open

IGC example file to scoring

All participants are asked to send one IGC file from each logger they are going to use in the competition, the file can be any old flight. Please do not change the name of the file. Send it to our scoring:

IGC esimerkkitiedosto 

Kaikkia kilpailijoita pyydetään lähettämään yksi IGC tiedosto jokaisesta loggerista joita he aikovat käyttää kilpailussa. Tiedosto voi olla mikä tahansa vanha lentotiedosto. Ole hyvä ja älä muuta tiedoston nimeä. Lähetä tiedosto tuloslaskentaan:

We have negotiated special Sweden-Finland vv ferry rates with our sponsor Finnlines. With the morning departure the discount is 50% and evening departure 35%.
To get the best prices a group booking is required. Aku ( is the coordinator of the booking. Please send him your travel itinerary with car&trailer info, passengers names and dates of birth.

The deadline is 30.4.2018, please be early!

Once the group booking has been confirmed the individual travel plans can be updated with Finnlines customer services.

For ferry timetables, please visit Finnlines website:

Enjoy the great offer!